KOVIF Co., Ltd. - The unit producing and supplying paper splints and other paper products produced on modern and advanced lines, meeting the export demand to the European and American market.
Main product:
▬ Corner splint: V-corner splint, corner splint to protect goods,..
▬ Paper Tubes, Paper Cores: Food Paper Tubes, Textile Paper Tubes, Industrial Paper Tubes, Tape Paper Tubes,..
▬ Paper Pallet: 1-side, 2-way paper pallet, 9-way paper pallet, 2-way, 4-way paper pallet,..
▬ Slip sheet paper: is the perfect product to replace pallets in the transportation of exported goods. The price is only about 30% compared to pallets can optimize the space
to load an extra layer of goods in the container, there is no cost to destroy the pallet at the receiving end and the most
thing is that the
slip sheet is not compulsory to umigation like wooden pallets so it eliminates the cost and time of disinfection ▬ Other paper products: Paper boxes Advantages: ✓ Light weight, Low price ✓ Meet the technical requirements of hardness, durability
✓ The bearing capacity of paper splints up to 2000kg
✓ Save time during loading and unloading
✓ Non-polluting products in accordance with environmental protection standards.


Business sectors

Paper Splints, Corner Splints

Paper - Paper Products

Paper Pipe, Paper Core

Pallet Paper

Products and services

Corner splints

Paper Splints
V Paper Bar
Paper Insert Bar
Paper Splints
V Bar Paper Angle
V Angle With Paper
Paper Corner Splint Bar
V-Shaped Paper Splints
Flat Paper Splints
V-Shaped Paper Corner Splint
Multiple-Layer Angle Splint
90 Degree Right Angle Splint Bar
Paper Splint Bar Protects Corner Goods



Paper Pallet


Pallet Paper
1-Side Paper Pallet
2-Side Paper Pallet
9 Foot Paper Pallet
Standard Paper Pallet
Pallet Paper 4 Direction Lifting



paper pipe, paper core


Paper Core
Paper Core Tube
Large Paper Tubes
Straight Cylindrical Paper Pipe
Toilet Paper Tubes
Tape Paper Tubes
Pipe Paper Roll Fabric
Industrial Paper Pipes
Paper Pipe Textile Industry
Food Paper Tubes
Rolled Carton Paper Tube
Paper Pipe Coil Electric Cable Export








Other Paper Products


Carton Packaging
Phi Giay District
Paper Box
Round Paper Box

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